On November 19, 2013, ground was broken for the construction of a new central logistics center on the LTS’ premises in Andernach.

Sebastian Schäfer, chief production officer and responsible for production and engineering, stated in his speech that the planning with Heidelberg logistics specialists from io-consultants already started in mid-2012 with a concept for a logistics expansion. Following in-depth investigations of various sites and warehouse systems LTS opted for an annex to the existing production facilities.

The logistics center includes a 2-storey functional building for loading trucks and allocating materials to the production. The attached high-bay warehouse with a length of 70 meters, a width of 32 meters and a height of 36 meters ensures space for 14,000 pallets – doubling the present capacities. The fully automated warehouse meets all global requirements for the safe storage of pharmaceutical products and their raw materials. A modern SAP -based warehouse management system allows a 100 % comprehensive traceability of all individual pallets at any time.

The warehouse is year-round temperature controlled to 15-25° C to ensure optimal storage conditions for drugs. During the project planning LTS set high value on the sustainable use of resources. Therefore different alternatives were examined for their suitability by using thermal simulations showing temperature profiles in the building. A construction using walls and a roof of multi-leaf concrete elements and with integrated thermal insulation turned out to be the optimal solution. These concrete elements act as a passive temperature memory transferring extreme outside temperatures in summer and in winter with a long delay to the interior. By feeding cold night air in summer, air conditioning will be entirely unnecessary. The pallets themselves will be moved automatically by storage and retrieval units. When moving a pallet from top to bottom the resulting energy is fed back into an internal network and is used there for electric motors; almost like a modern hybrid car. At the same time the waste heat of the electric motors is used for heating. LTS and io-consultants establish a benchmark for the storage of drugs with regard to sustainability, efficiency and state of the art technology.

LTS AG envisions putting the new logistics center into service in spring 2015.