Transdermal Patches and Oral Thin Films

LTS is a leading pharmaceutical technology company that develops and manufactures innovative drug delivery systems such as
Transdermal Patches (“TTS”) and Oral Thin Films (“OTF”) for the pharmaceutical industry.


Our patients’ well-being drives LTS

Using a patch to protect the wound and accelerate healing is well known – but patches can achieve much more than this. As transdermal therapeutic systems, they can replace tablets or injection solutions and release the active substance into the body via the skin, offering an innovative, straightforward and highly tolerable form of therapy.


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Your B2B partner for customized solutions

LTS is your B2B partner, without its own products in the pharmaceuticals market. LTS develops and manufactures transdermal therapeutic systems (TTS) and oral thin films (OTF) based on your specific active substance. Our solutions make it possible for you to broaden your product portfolio or to enable a substance to be used for therapy. From feasibility studies to pharmaceutical development and process development to production and packaging, LTS offers all the services you need from one partner.


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LTS innovations for your success

There are currently 20 known substances that can be applied transdermally. LTS offers twelve of these substances as transdermal therapeutic systems, making many patients’ lives easier. In cooperation with its partners from the pharmaceutical industry, LTS has set milestones in terms of innovation. LTS’s many successful products are proof of this.


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LTS – a strong, innovative company

LTS is the market leader in transdermal therapeutic systems (TTS) and oral thin films (OTF). Founded in 1984, LTS has become a strong and innovative specialist medium-sized company. As a global player, LTS is an attractive employer that is aware of its social responsibilities and is happy to commit to them.


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Technologies of the future

LTS’s research and development focuses on two new technologies to complement and expand the potential of alternative drug delivery systems. In addition to the permanent further development of LTS TTS and LTS OTF technologies, the company also develops innovative microneedle and  the ‘active LTS TTS’ technology.

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LTS – your partner for innovative solutions

The development of new pharmaceutical drugs is a lengthy and complex process in which not every highly promising active substance eventually becomes a successful drug. This is often because developers only think to develop tablets, capsules or solutions – but LTS offers alternative, innovative approaches.

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