LTS is the market leader for TTS and OTF

Since its foundation in 1984, LTS has developed into a strong and innovative medium-sized company. As a global player, LTS is an attractive employer that is aware of its social responsibility and is happy to take it on.


About LTS

LTS is the market leader for transdermal therapeutic systems (TTS) and oral thin films (OTF) and is a strong, innovative partner for the pharmaceutical industry. We do not develop our own active substances but focus on new forms of drug delivery, with your active substance as the basis for our development work. Our solutions may also capture active substances that cannot be administered as a tablet or solution.

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From the initial vision to a leading partner to the pharmaceutical industry

It all started with the vision of a transdermal patch, and has developed into a success story that has lasted to this day: read on for an overview of the history of LTS and its major milestones.

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Successful development in 2019

LTS is the global market leader in the development and manufacture of transdermal systems LTS TTS and oral thin films LTS OTF. LTS continued its successful development once again in 2019 and remains on course for further growth.

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