Executive Board and Supervisory Board

LTS is the market leader in transdermal therapeutic systems and oral thin films. We develop and manufacture innovative drug delivery systems that offer the patient reliable therapeutic efficacy with the highest level of convenience and comfort – the benefits of which have already proven themselves on the global markets.


LTS Executive Board

The team of the Executive Board shapes the future of LTS as market leader for transdermal innovative solutions.
Some of the most important tasks of the LTS Executive Board are the development of corporate strategy, the fixing of the company budged as well as the allocation of resources. It informs the Supervisory Board on a regular basis in a timely and comprehensive manner about all questions relevant to LTS AG, e.g., planning, corporate development, risk analyses and risk management.

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LTS Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board of LTS monitors and consults with the Executive Board. It consists of six members. The Supervisory Board is directly involved in decisions of a fundamental nature for the company. Further, the Supervisory Board also synchronizes the strategic direction of the company with the Executive Board and discusses the status of implementation of the corporate strategy with the Executive Board on a regular basis.

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