LTS is the global market leader in the development and manufacture of transdermal systems LTS TTS and oral thin films LTS OTF. LTS continued its successful development once again in 2017 and remains on course for further growth.

In 2017, LTS once again beat its previous records in terms of turnover, financial result, equity capital and liquidity. In line with the corporate strategy, the necessary investments into the expansion of structural and technical facilities were made.

Employees: 1.146
Turnover: > € 300 Mio.
R&D expenditures: 7,6 % of turnover
Investments: € 20 Mio.
Current number of patents:
More than 300 patent families with more than 3.000 single patents
Systems produced in 2017: > 760 Mio.

LTS conducted multiple active cooperation projects in 2017 with a large number of different partner companies from the pharmaceutical industry. These projects covered both transdermal/topical therapeutic systems (LTS TTS) as well as LTS OTF.

Ongoing projects with various partner companies involve for example the development of innovative LTS TTS or LTS OTF technologies for the treatment of pain, rheumatism, chemotherapy/radiotherapy-induced nausea, migraine and smoking cessation.

The continuous evolution of existing LTS TTS and LTS OTF solutions, as well as innovations in new technology platforms such as microinvasive, transdermal systems or needle-free injection systems and oral thin films, are based on significant therapeutic requirements and market potential. The ‘Bio-Injekt’and ‘Biowafer’ projects have received support and funding from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).