It all started with the vision of a transdermal patch, and has developed into a success story that has lasted to this day: read on for an overview of the history of LTS and its major milestones.

The Lohmann Company in Neuwied, West Germany, a specialist in technical adhesive tapes starts developing the idea of transdermal therapeutic systems (TTS).

LTS, LOHMANN Therapie-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG is founded as a subsidiary of the Lohmann Group in Neuwied. The first TTS matrix system from LTS achieves approval and is launched, a nitroglycerin patch (Deponit®).

LTS´ development, production and quality control departments move into the company’s first independent facility in Neuwied.

LTS begins initial development work on oral thin films.

The first nicotine patch for smoking cessation is launched in the US – developed and manufactured by LTS.

LTS launches the world’s first hormone TTS matrix system (Estradiol patch).

LTS Corp. is founded in in West Caldwell (USA); Completion of factory´s reconstruction work

LTS moves its headquarters to Andernach.

Start of Nicotine-TTS production in the USA.

Listerine® Whitening Strip production starts in the USA.

LTS is transformed into a non-listed public limited company. The first nicotine patch is approved in Japan.

The first oral wafer product is launched and manufactured exclusively by LTS (sold as an oral hygiene product for the end customer).

The first buprenorphine patch in the world is approved for treating pain relief and launched in Europe – developed and manufactured by LTS.

LTS’s partner Johnson & Johnson launches the world’s first transdermal contraceptive patch (Evra®).

LTS starts basic research into microneedles.

Development of the first LTS-Fentanyl-TTS for the treatment chronic pain and launch by the LTS partner Nycomed. By using the LTS matrix system the content of the API can be reduced by 35% having the same efficacy.
Over 1 Billion Listerine® PocketPacks have been manufactured at LTS

For the first time, a therapy is exclusively available as a transdermal system – the world’s first new chemical entity (NCE) for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease – developed and manufactured by LTS.

The Exelon® patch (Rivastigmine) from Novartis, with major support from LTS, is approved and launched for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

The nicotine patch developed by LTS is approved and launched in Europe.

Scientific symposium on TTS –„LTS-Academy“– including key opinion leaders and experts in the field.

Launch of Qutenza™ (Astellas/Acorda) the first cutaneous patch with a high concentrate of capsaicin (8 %) for the local treatment of neuropathic pain.

Launch of Butrans® in Japan and the USA (Hisamitsu, Purdue)
Launch of Exelon® in Japan (ONO)

Launch of the Ibuprofen Patch Ibupas® by Sigma Tau; a local analgesic for the treatment of acute or chronical Tennis elbow
Launch of Neupro® in Japan (Otsuka)
LTS starts production of its first OTF for the management of breakthrough pain.