LTS covers in a single source all the relevant technical steps in drug development – from feasibility studies for your drug up to the market launch and subsequent large scale manufacturing. LTS manufactures for the global markets of your choice – make use of our expertise as an innovative market leader.

LTS has at its disposal exceptionally well-equipped research, development and production facilities covering all areas – from drug development to the production for the global market. Feasibility studies, technical and clinical development (up to phase II) of novel agents, drug delivery systems, production and quality control – LTS offers all this from a single source, tailored to individual customers’ requirements.

The expertise of our experienced pharmacists and engineers enables us to respond to the requirements of each and every customer. This results in customised production systems and facilities. In addition, LTS can react quickly and flexibly to new requirements in the global pharmaceuticals markets and adapt its production processes to comply with them.

Tailored production facilities at two locations

One of LTS’s major strengths is its production expertise. From small- laboratory scale to fulfilling all the production requirements for sales on the global market – we provide our customers with what you need. From a pilot plant, our research department develops high-tech production facilities that can cope with global production to exacting laboratory specifications. If required, LTS can also construct with its engineering capabilities completely new production lines in order to realise new product designs, for example. Our practically identical production facilities in Europe and the US guarantee the highest degree of supply reliability and can be used interchangeably if required.

LTS can also manufacture everything it develops

A major advantage of working with LTS is its experience and reliability. Our diverse experience with active substances, products and manufacturing processes simplifies drug development and ensures we can provide cost-effective solutions. LTS does not sell products under its own-brand but focuses exclusively on research, development and production for its partners in the pharmaceutical industry. Integrated, one-stop solutions from LTS guarantee a seamless transition between the individual stages in the development project. Thanks to its extensive expertise, LTS can respond to every customer request and adapt its work to the results desired by the customer.

Five steps of success

  • Step I: Theoretical tests and benchmarking
  • Step II: Practical feasibility study, including prototypes
  • Step III: Complete pharmaceutical development programme, including clinical trial
  • Step IV: Creation of the production line or the adaptation of existing production facilities
  • Step V: Production for its partners as contract manufacturer

For every partnership, LTS adapts its research and development, technological expertise and production capacity to the requirements and expectations of the client company.