Transdermale therapeutische Systeme (TTS) sind eine attraktive Nische im weltweiten Pharmamarkt

Patches – an attractive niche in the pharmaceutical market

Market Potential of TTS2018-11-22T19:24:34+00:00

With sales of around €4.9 billion, the transdermal therapeutic system (TTS) market makes up a very small part of this. Nevertheless TTS are an attractive niche in the global pharmaceuticals market.

Around the world, there are around 7,000 pharmaceutical drugs, more than 20 of which are also currently available as transdermal patches. As the world’s leading provider of transdermal solutions, LTS currently processes 13 active substances. Experts assume that there are at least a further 30 active substances that could be applied transdermally.

The largest markets for patches are the US (around €2.6 billion), Japan (approx. €500 million) and Germany (around €370 million), followed by the UK, Spain, Italy, France, Canada and Australia. Together with its partners, LTS has developed successful products in all global markets.

Oral thin films (OTF) represent an exciting new market category. In 2010, the first Rx OTF was approved in the US. Today several active substances have been tested worldwide for their suitability in the OTF-technology. LTS manufactures for its partners already 7 products and works, intensively on further promising products.

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