What LTS stands for

LTS leads the way in transdermal therapy systems (LTS TTS) and oral thin films (LTS OTF). As a B2B partner to the pharmaceutical industry, we offer solutions at all stages of drug development: from feasibility assessments, research and development of new formulations to clinical trials (up to phase II), production and packaging.

  • On behalf of its partners, LTS develops and manufactures transdermal patches (LTS TTS) and oral thin films (LTS OTF), known as oral wafers. LTS also develops innovative transdermal systems such as injection-free and microneedle systems.

  • As a B2B partner of the pharmaceutical industry, LTS does not sell any of its own-branded products, making it a dedicated technology partner of the pharmaceutical industry rather than competing with classical pharmaceutical companies. Specifically, LTS does not develop any of its own active substances but focuses its expertise on the development of new, innovative drug delivery systems that specialise in the transdermal application of existing and novel agents.

  • Based on a successful feasibility study, LTS develops the ideal delivery system for each customer and each substance (LTS TTS or LTS OTF).

  • LTS produces patches and oral wafers in any batch size for all global markets, thus offering a comprehensive full service, including packaging development and support in the drug approval process as required.

  • Complementing its full-service approach, LTS also takes on subsidiary tasks such as production as a contract manufacturer.