It starts with an idea that is supposed to change something.

At LTS the goal has always been clear: to find alternatives for patients for whom conventional medicinal drugs forms cause discomfort, difficulty swallowing or unexpected side effects.


A patch as an alternative to tablets, capsules or drops

If you have to take medication such as tablets regularly and experience difficulty or discomfort swallowing them, transdermal therapeutic systems (TTS) can be an appealing alternative. Transdermal therapeutic systems (TTS) are patches that enable a substance to be absorbed into your body through your skin – transdermally. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about them!

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General usage of transdermal therapeutic systems

The following information is provided only as general information related to the usage of transdermal therapeutic systems and is not intended to be a substitute for the instructions/directions for use provided with any specific transdermal patch product and/or direction or advice provided by a medical care provider.

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A patch with many advantages

Transdermal therapeutic systems are high-tech patches that make treatment much more convenient and pleasant for the patient. Instead of having to take lots of tablets, patients often only have to apply a new patch once a week. In addition, patches from LTS also ensure a constant drug level for the entire duration of wear. Symptoms upon getting up in the morning as a result of low drug levels during the night are avoided.

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The strictest quality requirements for maximum product safety

Not only does LTS fulfil the strictest requirements of national and international health authorities such as the US’s FDA and Europe’s EMA and PMDA authorities, it also has its very own quality management system that goes above and beyond the current standards. This quality system guarantees exceptional quality for patients being treated with transdermal patches.

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