With competence and innovative strength

There are currently 20 known substances that can be applied transdermally. LTS offers twelve of these substances as transdermal therapeutic systems, making many patients’ lives easier. In cooperation with its partners from the pharmaceutical industry, LTS has set milestones in terms of innovation. 


The patch as a therapeutic system

Transdermal patches or transdermal therapeutic systems (TTS) are drug delivery systems that are applied directly to the skin. The active substance is absorbed by the skin and distributed through the body via the bloodstream. This innovative mode of administration has improved the simplicity of treatment for patients for almost 30 years.

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Oral thin films – a new evolution step for active substances

Oral thin films contain the active substance as a film, which is taken orally and is dissolved immediately in the mouth or applied to the mucosa. For transmucosal films, the active substance enters the bloodstream directly via the oral mucosa, without having to first pass through the gastrointestinal tract.

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The future of drug delivery, self-applied by the patient

Microneedle Patch technology is a delivery system, that shall enable the drug to overcome the skin barrier. It helps to enhance the delivery of a drug through the transdermal/intradermal route overcoming various problems associated with the conventional formulations.

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LTS – your partner for innovative solutions

The development of new pharmaceutical drugs is a lengthy and complex process in which not every highly promising active substance eventually becomes a successful drug. This is often because developers only think to develop tablets, capsules or solutions – but LTS offers alternative, innovative approaches.

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