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Transdermal Drug Delivery – Is it feasible for your drug?

This webinar shows the components of a TTS, and how it can be used to provide a genuine alternative to current drug delivery methods. In this sense, this presentation aims to ascertain whether TTS should be chosen as a first choice dosage form.

Presented by: Dr. Peter Klaffenbach, Head of Pharmceutical Development & Dr. Iris Schnitzler, Director Marketing and Market Services

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Oral Thin Films – New opportunities for oral drug delivery.

This webinar shows the components and science of OTFs; features and benefits; applications in various disease areas; and potential penetration of market and respective market share through its use and adoption.

Presented by: Rick Chan Phd, Vice President, R & D & Dr. Iris Schnitzler, Director Marketing and Market Services

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Current guidelines and practical experience – Analytic considerations for testing transdermal delivery systems.

The webinar focuses on the analysis of drug-in-adhesive (DIA) patches with systemic drug delivery by passive diffusion.
It considers both the main guideline documents as well as practical experience in TDS analytics gained at LTS over the past years.

Presented by: Dr. Michael Komenda, Corporate Senior Director, Head of Analytical Development R & D

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Transdermal Delivery Systems – What are the requirements for pressure sensitive adhesives?

This webinar shows the physico-chemical properties of pressure sensitive adhesives, and their importance for providing TDS with reversible adhesion to the skin.

Presented by: Dr. Thomas Hille, Director R&D