“Serialization, Unique Product Identification (UPI), Aggregation and Track ‘n Trace” are keywords describing various means and measures to prevent counterfeiting of pharmaceuticals. About 10 % of all pharmaceuticals worldwide are suspected to be counterfeited. This may have led to the death of possibly 70.000 patients using tuberculosis- and malaria remedies alone, the safety of pharmaceuticals patients had misleadingly depended upon.

LTS, along with its business partners, has set out to support the responsible authorities in their strife against counterfeiting pharmaceuticals.

While “Unique Product Identification (UPI)” constitutes the explicit identification of a product or article respectively, ‘Serialization’ defines the marking of individual sales units with a serial number which is lodged in a database and thus can be verified at any time. When a distinct code is added on the outer packaging as well, it is called ‘Aggregation‘. These measures enable the tracking of the individual sales unit over the entire supply chain from LTS to the consumer; a process called Track ‘n Trace.

In realizing this process, LTS acts globally as well as consumer- and future-oriented. The current implementation of both Serialization and Aggregation at LTS offers a most flexible system to our customers. Even today LTS accommodates the demands of Track ‘n Trace for both facilities – West Caldwell and Andernach – employing state-of-the art methods.

The flexibility of the LTS system provides the ability to observe all currently implemented or planned official demands of standardized coding, be it for Chinese, Korean, American or European markets. A worthwhile investment for the competitiveness of our customers and the safety of all patients.